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A baby blog, photo albums and movies? Wow! MyBabyPlace Features

MyBabyPlace gives you the three best ways to share. You get a baby blog, digital photo albums with print ordering and a movie gallery where your short movies can be played direcly on your website.

Learn more about your other features below and see the features first-hand on the live demo.
Baby Blog
Your baby blog is a journal of your baby's firsts, milestones and special moments. Now, family updates you normally send via email can live forever on your website.
  • Post an unlimited amount of blog entires
  • Your friends and family can leave comments
  • Add photos to your entries
  • Automatic email updates can be sent to your friends and family
Baby Blog
Photo Albums
Depending on the plan you select, your website can showcase anywhere from a handful to thousands of photos.
  • Add photos to your website quickly and easily
  • Your photos are optimized for quick loading for your visitors
  • Store high resolution photos for print ordering with Shutterfly
  • Your visitors can download high resolution photos for printing at home
  • Create unlimited albums to organize your photos
  • Add album descriptions and photo captions
  • Rotate photos and convert to black and white online
Photo Albums
You won't find an easier way to share the short movies captured with your phone or digital camera.
  • Multiple movie formats are supported including Windows Media, Quicktime, AVI, MPEG, 3PG, MP4 and more
  • Movies are optimized and converted to a MyBabyPlace format so your visitors are not required to have multiple movie plug-ins or download large files
  • Movies are viewed in a video player directly embedded on your website without the need to post your private content on 3rd party video services
  • Email updates for your contacts
Other Features
MyBabyPlace offers many other valuable features to compliment your website.

Creative and Unique Themes
Choose one of a dozen themes and switch styles anytime with the click of a button.

Address Book
Add your friends and family to an address book to easily keep them updated.

Email Updates
Instantly notify people in your address book as you add new photos, movies, blog entries and more. An email form helps you craft personalized emails in seconds.

Order Prints
We store high resolution versions of your photos so you and your visitors can easily order prints through your website using Shutterfly™.

Download Photos for Printing
The same high resolution photos are also available to download for your visitors who prefer to print photos at home.

Visit Counter
See the total number of visits to your website.

No Advertisements
MyBabyPlace is 100% free of advertisements. You, your friends and your family will never have the experience of visiting your baby website detracted by unwanted ads.

Allows your friends and family to let you know that they've stopped by.

Family Page
A page that lists the baby and parent profiles you create for each family member.

Introduction Page
A page that introduces your newest addition featuring a birth weight, height, location and other information. Birth and adoption profiles are supported.

Multiple Children
Your website can support as many children as you can!

Baby Age Calculator
Your baby's exact age in years, months and days is always displayed with his or her profile.

Secure and Fast
Your website is hosted on a fast and reliable web server.

Privacy Controls
While MyBabyPlace is great for keeping families connected, it is NOT a social networking site. You have full control over who is able to view the precious and intimate moments of your baby's life.

Page Control
Fine tune various page settings and even pick what pages will appear on your website. Turn pages on and off based on features you would like to show.

Personalized Website Address
Your website is located directly off the MyBabyPlace website address at http://www.mybabyplace.com/NAME

Custom Domain Name
Easily set up your custom domain name to display your MyBabyPlace website.

Personalized Website
Edit the title of your website for a personalized feel and a nicely named bookmark.

Help and Support
Friendly and knowledgeable support is only a click away with MyBabyPlace. Our staff is always available to take care of special requests and to help answer any questions you may have.